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Why Stone Flour So Popular

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With the social and economic progress and people's living standards increasing, people's requirements for food quality are getting higher and higher, more and more people begin to attach importance to food taste and nutrition. Stone mill flour production of low-temperature and low-speed grinding of flour, not only retained the nutritional value of wheat itself, and the taste is flexible, rich wheat, as people's first choice.
Why Stone Flour So Popular-Hot sale of Stone Grinding Mills at best price

Stone flour processing equipment is a traditional grinding tools, stone flour milling machine because of low temperature, low-speed grinding makes the flour nutrients are preserved. At the same time, due to the combination of modern technology and stone grinding, there have been many types of stone flour milling machines. There is a single stone flour milling machine and a stone flour milling plant, which greatly increases the output of stone flour. For daily production, the stone mill flour mill can grind wheat 75 kg per hour, two-roller stone flour mill grind wheat 150 kg per hour. These are based on the specific use of our production, the amount of processing different, the price of flour machine is different.
Why Stone Flour So Popular-Hot sale of Stone Grinding Mills at best price

Stone flour machine advantages
  • 1.Stone flour mill grinding natural stone flour: low temperature grinding, taste and flexibility, rich wheat, higher nutritional value, is a real natural green health food!
  • 2.Stone flour mill using the ancient stone and traditional hand-made process. Do not add any additives, is the real pure natural green pollution-free flour.
  • 3.The low speed grinding characteristics of the stone flour machine keep the molecular structure of the flour intact. Therefore, its pink pure nature, high degree of gluten, smooth and delicate, original pure wheat flavor, the advantages of easy absorption of nutrients.
  • 4.Stone flour mills do not require any additives. When cooking noodles, stone flour noodles are light yellow in stone flour, while white flour noodles with other additives are white in color. Stone flour machine to retain the original wheat.
  • 5.Stone pasta machine made of various pasta taste flexible, rich wheat, higher nutritional value, is truly a natural green health food.
  • 6.Flour out of the stone flour mill is different, the speed of the stone mill only a dozen per minute, the heat generated by the machine is much less, to retain the original wheat.
  • 7.The modern people of pure natural green food, and after the full time, stone flour machine came into being and into people's lives.
  • 8.The flour processed by the stone flour machine retains 12 kinds of vitamin nutrients such as protein, carbohydrate, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1 and B2 in wheat, and the stone flour machine contains necessary human body Vitamin E content 18 times higher than machined flour.
Wheat flour is one of the main foods, and the flour milling equipment produces flour nutrients several times more than conventional flour mills.At the same time, due to the change of people's life concept and diet concept, healthy, small and fine quality flour has become the object sought after by people.Stone mill production equipment processing concepts and modern concepts of health consistent, is the pursuit of people, so the chance of stone flour by everyone's welcome!

Why Stone Flour So Popular-Hot sale of Stone Grinding Mills at best price   Why Stone Flour So Popular-Hot sale of Stone Grinding Mills at best price   Why Stone Flour So Popular-Hot sale of Stone Grinding Mills at best price
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