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Globle Grain Processing Machinery Industry Development Trend

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With the development of the global grain processing industry, all countries in the world are actively developing new grain processing equipment to meet the needs of the grain processing market for grain processing equipment efficiency and flour production quality improvement. At present, it is mainly from the use of new design and manufacturing technology these two aspects to develop.

Foreign food processing equipment mainly concentrated in Europe's Italy, Switzerland, Germany and the United Kingdom, Japan in Asia, and the United States. Such as Buhler, Ocrim, Golfetto, Satake, Alapala and so on, these equipment produced by these countries all over the world, and now their level represents the world's most advanced technology level.

Major grain equipment manufacturing companies:

Italy:Ocrim, GBS(Golfetto, Berga, Sangati)



American:Great Western Manufacturing


Double-lion grain processing machine 
Although these large grain processing enterprises have high level of grain production equipment technology, but the price is also very expensive, for most developing countries is still difficult to bear. China's grain processing equipment, through technical digestion, absorption, innovation and enterprise efforts have also reached the international advanced level and a lot of flour, rice, grease equipment has been exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, Russia and other countries. enan University of Technology( originally named Grain Colleague which is China NO.1 university of grain processing machinery). Among this, Zhengzhou Double-lion Grain & Oil Machinery Co., Ltd. under the technical support of Henan University of Technology (originally named Grain Colleague which is China NO.1 university of grain processing machinery), the production of wheat flour processing equipment, corn processing equipment, grain processing equipment, rice processing equipment, press equipment have exported to all over the world, export to
Double-lion grain processing machine

Double-lion grain processing machine

* India
* Pakistan
* Thailand
* Saudi Arabia
*  Europe
*  New Zealand
*  Australia
*  USA and other countries, well received by all praise and recognition. Zhengzhou Double-lion Grain and Oil Machinery Co., Ltd. is backed by the technical support of R & D center of Grain and Food Industry Engineering Laboratory of Henan University of Technology. It provides professional services including plant design, production line design, equipment installation, equipment training, turnkey engineering, etc. Double-lion production of grain processing machinery not only has excellent quality assurance, also has a reasonable price.

Double-lion grain processing machine

Characteristics of grain processing machinery at present

1.Safe and sanitary, easy to use and maintain
European food machinery production enterprises in strict accordance with the food hygiene standards in the EU, design and production of food processing equipment, require the use of materials, coatings must conform to the hygiene standards, in the structural design to avoid dead angle, reduce residue.
All equipment design requirements, the use of convenient maintenance, easy disassembly and installation, the establishment of a strict maintenance system.

2.The use of new materials
A large number of plastic and polymer materials are used to improve hygienic standards, reduce the weight of equipment, and realize light weight

Double-lion grain processing machine
3.Building block design
Double-lion grain processing machine

4.Integrated technology
Double-lion grain processing machine

5.Energy saving
An energy management system has been established; WinCos energy management can promote energy conservation by monitoring energy sources. The method is suitable for various grain processing to complete storage plant and bulk material storage technology. Optimizing load management can optimize energy usage by monitoring energy consumption in full, so as to prevent peak power and reduce cost. WinCos energy management supports plant analysis through its trends, functions, and intelligence assessment and reporting capabilities.

6.Product traceability system
The WinCos product traceability system can accurately record the production and delivery process of the product. The module, integrated in the automation of WinCos, can be successfully applied to grain milling and grain storage and transportation, as well as feed and biofuel processing
The automatic traceability function records each step of the production process and, in this way, traces the origin and processing of all the materials used. The traceability module stores all the information in a centralized database, which can significantly reduce the requirements for logistics accounts. The user is always able to identify the outliers in the production process and immediately intervene and take appropriate steps.

7.Development of new technical equipment

Double-lion grain processing machine

8.Extended use of new features
Double-lion grain milling

The developing direction of grain processing machinery

1.First of all, the safety and hygiene of equipment should be mentioned as an important place, so as to improve the sanitation level of the equipment;

2.Innovation is the strategic requirement of national development, innovation driven is the basis of design and manufacture, and innovation and development of new grain machinery and equipment to meet the needs of the development of the grain industry;

3.Strengthen the study of basic theory with new design, manufacturing technology and analytical means;

4.Development of energy saving processing equipment to achieve sustainable development;

5.In order to meet the basic functions of the equipment, fine design and manufacturing are realized;

6.Innovative management concept, in the focus on product quality at the same time, for the use of products and services should be provided to achieve win-win situation.

If you are interested in wheat flour processing machinery, corn processing machinery, rice processing machinery, coarse grain processing machinery (soybeans, mung beans, red beans, lentils, millet, etc.), oil press equipment, welcome to contact us Double-lion Grain and Oil Machinery Co., Ltd. and to on-the-spot investigation and visit, we will provide professional services and guidance for you.

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