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Flour Milling Industry Analysis in Pakistan

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Pakistan is the largest country where wheat is the staple grain of nearly entire population. Wheat has always been a rich part of our culture as in most Pakistani households and wheat flour is consumed almost thrice daily, making it the most demanded raw food in Pakistan. Pakistan is Asia’s third-largest wheat producer.Wheat production in Pakistan is likely at 25.5 million tons in the 2015-16. Pakistan need more modern automatic flour milling plant to meet the needs.
wheat flour in Pakistan

The first Flour Mills was built in Pakistan in 1950s relied on equipment imported from Europe. Most of the mills built since the 1980s, used equipment referred to as “Russian Mills” through it was 100 percent produced in Pakistan. At present, larger Flour Millers in some big cities like Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi have begun to replace the decade’s old technology with the latest equipment from abroad.

The largest concentration of Flour Mills is in the Punjab Province, which accounts for 66.78 percent of the total Flour Milling Industry in Pakistan. Though there is only 38 percent capacity utilization industry wide, new flour mills continue to build, keeping profit margins razor thin.

Though there is little more than 50% capacity utilization industry wide, new mills continue to be built, keeping profit margins razor thin. The government intervenes in the market by buying several million tonnes of wheat per year and subsidizing its allocation to mills on a quota system for part of the year, thus serving to keep weaker mills in business and distorting the market. At harvest time, interprovincial and even interdistrict bans are frequently placed on wheat movements to enable the provincial food departments to meet their procurement targets.

how to start a rice milling plant in Pakistan

Milling practices across the Pakistan depending on type and quality of wheat flour demanded in the local market. In Punjab province, the Flour Mills extract between 12 percent and 18 percent bran for chapaties made in tandoor or on griddles. In urban area, extractions are higher, converting 55 percent to 60 percent wheat grain to wheat flour for baking flat bread or Nan. The reminder is divided between fine flour (Maida) demanded by industrial backers and semolina (Suji) for confectionary products. The Flour Milling Industry in Pakistan is far behind in number of fields, some of them are below.

Flour Milling technology
The first roller mills built in Pakistan from 1950s to 1970s is imported from Europe. Most mills built since the 1980s are based on a cookie-cutter, five-story plant design using equipment referred to as “Russian mills,” though it is 100% produced in Pakistan. It became the standard machinery for most new mills built in the former Soviet Union and particularly in the former Soviet Republics of Central Asia. Some of this equipment was installed in Afghan mills before and following the Soviet invasion. Equipment from old dismantled mills in Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan acquired by Afghan traders ended up in Pakistani mills. Domestic manufacturers began making parts and eventually copied the entire equipment line. The only mill components still imported from Russia are the steel rolls, but the term “Russian mill” has stuck.
A number of factors have combined to start to make the choice of imported equipment feasible. In recent years Pakistan government has more than doubled industrial electricity rates as one solution to generate funds to pay back the investment cost of badly needed new generating capacity and to encourage reduced consumption. So, these obstacles notwithstanding, larger milling companies in some urban areas, particularly in Islamabad and Karachi, have begun to replace the decades-old technology with the latest equipment from abroad.

flour milling processing in Pakistan

Industrial Automation
About 90 percent of flour mills are behind in industrial automation, most of the millers make their calculation on the basis of their experiences that is an old method. If their calculation becomes wrong, the millers don’t have any other option. 
So, today, if you want to start a flour mill factory, flour mill plant is a very aspect, you should take a new way to find a new fully automatic machine to replace the original old machine. By improving the quality of flour milling equipment to improve the processing quality and flour processing yield and reduce the cost of flour processing.

wheat flour milling industry in Pakistan
Flour Milling Analysis Instruments
The lack of analysis facilities of wheat and its products is the major drawback of Flour Milling Industry of Pakistan. This is also a reason of less export ratio in our country. Some bigger flour millers have realized the need and have begun installation of analysis equipment’s, but they are few till now.

Skilled and Semi-Skilled Personals
Wheat flour Milling Industry of Pakistan is among the largest industries of Pakistan. There is no training institution or Miller’s Training School in Pakistan for the training of milling personals. That is the major reason of lake of skilled personals of milling industry. That is also a hurdle in industrial automation of wheat flour milling industry in Pakistan.
Manual and semi-skilled labor rates have also doubled in the last five years. Some mill owners are keen to mechanize more of the handling of wheat and flour to reduce the number of men needed to unload bags of wheat from trucks and stack them before unstacking them again to feed wheat into the plant. Cost savings aside, the key motivation for buying new equipment is to produce higher quality flour that is demanded by large industrial bakers and other food processors in urban centers.

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