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Buhler, Alapala, Double-lion Which is Better for Flour Mill

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COLOGNE, GERMANY–Buhler and Alapala were joint recipients of the GRAPAS innovation award at the 2015 FIAPP/VICTAM/GRAPAS International exhibition and conference June 8-11 in Cologne, Germany. The companies received the award for innovations in the flour milling industry which were on display at the VICTAM trade show. 

Buhler and Alapala, which is Better for Flour Milling? I am sure you must have come across this question many a time during your career. I am often asked this question by many and whenever I hear this question I am like, in a fix what should I say? Both manufacturers make good machines, both have their own R&D centers, Both have excellent quality controls, and finally both offer seamless after sale service. Still this question is valid as many think Alapala machines are good and many support Buhler.

Buhler, Alapala, or Double-lion Which is Better for Flour Milling
Buhler & Antares plus

(1).Innovative Sensor Technology, High Yield and Quality
As market leader of the milling industry, Buhler has a strong commitment to research and development. This results into innovative products such as the new Antares Plus roller mill.
One of the most successful products of the company is the Antares roller mill which the company introduced to the milling industry in 2008. The Antares Plus roller mill optimizes yield and flour quality thanks to innovative sensor technology. Nicholas Trounce, Product Manager in Grain Milling, says about the Antares Plus roller mill which has won an innovation award: “Buhler has been manufacturing rolls since1860. From that beginning, company founder, Adolf Buhler, took the then revolutionary principle of the roller mill and began industrial production. 155 years later the roller mill still forms the core element of any flour mill. By applying latest sensor technology, the new Antares Plus roller mill increases yield, maximized flour quality and reduces energy consumption.”

(2).Antares Success Story
The Antares roller mill is the flagship of the extensive Buhler roller mill portfolio. It combines 155 years of Buhler experience with the latest knowledge in terms of grinding and hygiene, serving as the worldwide reference for modern roller mills in the milling industry. Since the launch in 2008, more than 3,000 Antares top line roller mills have been sold. The market success of Antares is due to its robustness, even feed and grinding and the highest standards of sanitation thanks to the use of stainless steel and sophisticated insulation.

(3).A “plus” Thanks to Sensor Technology
With the “Plus” version, Buhler opens a new chapter in the success story of Antares. The new Antares Plus roller mill ensures ideally coordinated grinding with minimal pneumatic conveying. Energy consumption and flour quality are in the optimal range. Standard on the Antares Plus are automatic grinding gap adjustment and the online MYTA particle size measuring sensor. Temperature monitoring of the rollers and bearings also ensure maximum operating safety and high production uptime.
The Online MYTA sensor continuously measures the particle size distribution in the ground product and compares the measured actual value with the target value. The Antares Plus control system records the deviations and automatically adjusts the milling gap to the target value. The result is a consistent product quality with minimized energy consumption. The sensor-controlled milling gap adjustment automates this former manual procedure and enables millers to invest more time in their core tasks.

(4).Temperature monitoring
In the new Antares Plus roller mill, the modern sensor technology not only checks the particle size but also the temperatures of the rolls and roll bearings. When contact pressure is too high, there is winding or dry running, causing the rolls to increasingly heat up. This can be prevented by constant temperature monitoring of the roller surfaces. Continuous measurement of the roll temperature ensures consistent product quality, particularly where there are few operators. Thanks to the temperature sensors in the roll bearings, wear and tear or lack of grease is recognized early. Preventive temperature monitoring of the rolls and roll bearings thereby ensures maximum operational safety and high finished product quality.

Buhler, Alapala, or Double-lion Which is Better for Flour Milling
Alapala & Similago II 

(1)Speed, Easy Use, Safety and Precision
Another innovation which has aroused interest recently was developed by Alapala Machine which is one of the technology leaders of the industry. Similago II roller mill which is described as new generation by Alapala Machine is an award-winning machine in innovation category. The new Similago II which is the result of Alapala’s 60-year of experience in technology and roller mill engineering is defined as the symbol of the power.

(2)Sturdy Frame, High Grinding Capacity
Similago II which is designed for high, continuous and consistent grinding of cereals such as wheat, maize (corn), rye, spelt, barley and sorghum ensures a consistent grind thanks to the a uniform feed rate across the grinding rolls. The steel used in the machine is a special quality high carbon steel. The bearings and the grinding rolls are directly mounted on to the frame. The sturdy construction gives the Similago II the ability to perform high capacity grinding. The internal product contact parts are made from stainless steel which also stops the adhering and accumulation of the product and condensation.

(3)Easy Use and Precision  
With new generation Similago II, easy and fast change of the rolls can be performed in 20 minutes. No special tools or lifting devices are required as the standard tools can perform easily.
The grinding rolls are mounted on self-aligning double row roller bearings which are housed in 25 mm thickness housing. Roll temperature is kept low by the air circulation provided by the aero dynamic design of chamber structure. The universal frame of the Similago II allows the use of grinding rolls with either a diameter of 250 mm or 300 mm.
The feed roll speed is controlled automatically by the capacitance sensor in the feed box which sends a signal to feed roll drive motor invertor via a PLC according to the product level in the feed box. No calibration is required. This ensures a perfect and uniform product feed to the grinding rolls.
The polycarbonate inspection glass on the feed box can be easily removed from the outside without the need to dismantle the feed spouts and related parts, for cleaning. For inspection purposes, double walled inspection door which can be opened and closed easily due to a weight system avoiding the use of latches. This enables the doors to be dismounted / mounted to from the machine without the use of fasteners.
A user friendly touch screen operator interface panel between the operator and microprocessor which is mounted on both sides allows the continuous and changing and monitoring of all the operating parameters together with alarms and graphical system visualization. New Generation Similago II which was developed after all the details were revised meticulously promises speed, easy use, safety, hygiene and precision in addition to its stainless steel structure and innovative design.  The main features of Similago II which combines the advantages of an excellent performance and efficiency with aesthetic are as follows: stainless steel technology, innovative design, door which can be opened easily to upward and sideways, parts that can be demounted easily, models with single or double floor, precise roll positioning, optional ball adjustment automation, special software solutions, graphical and touch screen.
It is not only Alapala’s modern machinery with computerized cutting-, lathe- and milling machines but also the qualification of its employees that permits the production of high quality milling machines in the whole world.

Why Zhengzhou Double-lion is the Most Reliable Flour Mill Manufacturers?

(1)Zhengzhou Double-lion owns turn-key flour milling systems, performs manufacturing, marketing and service processes within international norms with its professional and experienced staff. She has strengthened its corproate structure with positive values day by day which manufactures not only machines but also technology and quality.

Zhengzhou Double-lion can provide new technologies, increase manufacturing pace and standardizaton, while minimizing manufacturing costs and meeting immediate support necessities and corporate responsibility. CE and ISO 9001:2000 certificates have been awarded to our products, which have passed through testing at its R & D dapartment.

(3)Zhengzhou Double-lion has exported machines to many counries in a wide range of georaphical regions. Due to its economical solutions, Double-lion is always providing high quality quality machines with most affordable prices to its customers.

(4)Zhengzhou Double-lion provides single machines to complete turn-key projects for flour, rice and maize mills; flow diagrams, construction and projects; manufacturing of milling machinery, equipment and computerized systems; site activites that include set-up and management of sites, plant supervision and erection, plant start-up and commissioning; and services such as technical/technological assistance and after-sale service, mechanical, electrical and electronic maintenance and sapre parts service, plant upgrading and expansion.

(5)Wide spare parts stock, powerful service network and fast service ensures Zhengzhou Double-lion to win the approval of its customers.

(6)Thanks to Zhengzhou Double-lion research and development, it adopts all the innovation to its products.With energy saving machines, Double-lion contributes its customers with their cost savings. 

(7)Double lion is an expert company in building flour, feed, semolina mills, grain storage systems and industrial steel buildings.

(8) Quality is indispensable for Double lion. The most two important key factors for Double-lion’s success are perfectionism and customer satisfaction orientation. 

Buhler, Alapala, or Double-lion Which is Better for Flour Milling

Buhler and Alapala are all high-end products in the business, Zhengzhou Double-lion flour processing machinery as the bright younger generation, in the flour processing industry also has a pivotal position and get many praise by domestic and foreign users. Novel and advanced processing technology, excellent quality assurance, reasonable price, choose either and you will have taken the right decision.

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